Universal Cob Sock Absorbent

“The Cob Sock is an affordable solution for absorbing spills and leaks from your plant operations providing a safe and dry working environment for your employees.”

This product is practical and economical for every spill or leak that needs to be contained around your plant. This extraordinary and simple sock absorbs a variety of liquids found around your leaky equipment and is much cleaner and easier to use than clay and other granular materials. If customers visit you’re plant, the Cob Sock will keep your environment clean and orderly adding value to your business.

This Cob Sock is made up of the finest selected finely ground corncob filler absorbing over ½ gallon with each sock. The Cob Sock takes care of oils, solvents, coolants and water. These socks are made so that they will not leak or leach. The polypropylene material of the outter sock keeps in the liquids and the dust out!

Part # Universal Cob Sock Unit
CL0001 40, 3″ Dia. x 48″ L
Crushed corn filler that absorbs fluids instantly. Case