250L Mobile Spill Kit

Spill contents are stored in a spill cart. Choice of Oil Only, General Purpose or HazMat kits. Oil Only kits can handle oil and fuel spills. Universal kits can handle acids, caustics (bases), common fluids such as coolants, ethanol and pesticides, as well as solvents.


1 mobile spill cart 30″ x 29″ x 42″
100 sorbent pads, 17″ x 19″
4 sorbent socks, 3″ x 120″
4 sorbent pillows, 18″ x 18″
1 bag of SpeediKleen
1 drain cover
1 repair putty
3 disposal bags
2 pairs of safety goggles
2 pairs of nitrile gloves

Part # 250L Mobile Spill Kit Unit
CL-CSK-250M Oil Only Spill Cart
CL-CSK-250MU General Purpose Spill Cart
CL-CSK-250MH HazMat Spill Cart