EnduroSOLV Responsible Water Treatment

Helping our Clients Save Money with Cleaner, Safer Water Treatment

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Help Your Facility Become Greener

green waste water treatment

…your technology clearly demonstrates both technical excellence and a commitment to protecting human health and the environment.

– U.S. Environmental Protecting Agency (EPA)


Whether you’re looking to become LEEDS Certified or just looking for ways to make your facility more Green, EnduroSolv® can help:

  • No Liquids to Spill
  • No Drum Disposal Issues
  • No Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals
  • No offensive Odors or Fumes
  • No Powders to Irritate
  • Substantially reduced Product Handling Issues
  • Safe and Simple to apply
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Cleaner, safer work area
  • Conserve floor space
  • Assists in continuous improvement for ISO 14001

Help Reduce Risk and Liability Concerns

Using EnduroSolv® products can help you REDUCE RISK and LIABILITY ISSUES in many ways:


  • No heavy drums to move. This substantially reduces the potential for injury to your employees and others in your care. A 55-gallon drum weighs over 500 pounds. Moving these heavy drums can result in Back Injury, Toe Injury, or Finger Injury; any of which can lead to costly Workman’s Compensation Claims.
  • Eliminate Spill potentials. With liquid chemicals, spills can occur anywhere – in transit to your facility, or at your facility. Many chemicals can be hazardous to human health, damaging to the environment, and a potential for extensive and expensive litigation. These risks can be eliminated with your use of EnduroSolv® products.
  • No pails of chemicals to move. This reduces the risk of injury and exposure of hazardous chemicals (including corrosives, oxidizers, and pesticides) to your employees and customers.
  • No drum disposal issues. When your chemical drum arrives at your facility, it has two names on it: 1) the supplier; and 2) YOURS. These same names are on the drum when it leaves your facility. Are you sure it was empty? Are you sure it was properly triple rinsed? With EnduroSolv®, not only is the product dissolved 100%, even the product jar is recyclable. Sure beats the risk of being a part of a Super-fund suit.
  • No On-site Storage issues. Not only are liquid chemicals bulky, they must also be stored in containment areas according to their hazardous classification. Many facilities do not have this kind of “extra” space, and resort to storing all chemicals in one containment area. The potential for chemical reactions of two different liquids can produce very undesirable results.
  • One case of EnduroSolv® product contains the same amount of active chemicals as a 55-gallon drum. Five cases of an EnduroSolv® product can sit in the same storage footprint as that 55- gallon drum. The EnduroSolv® product has no potential to leak.

Reduce Economic Concerns

Economic Benefits of having a well run treatment program include the following:

  • No energy absorbing scale deposits – saving you $$
  • Extended equipment life through better corrosion control – saving you $$
  • No costly microbiological deposits and fouling – saving you $$
  • Maximum energy Efficiency, – saving you $$
  • Reduced potential for harmful microbiological growths such as Legionella pneumophila, more commonly referred to as Legionnaire Disease.

EnduroSolv® uses state of the art proven chemicals, manufactured into a SOLID concentrate, transported in a low carbon footprint profile, and applied easily at your site with our patented dissolving system. You receive all of the benefits of a well run chemical program, without the hassles of dealing with liquids

  • Because EnduroSolv® products are shipped without liquids, freight costs are substantially reduced. The cost of transporting solids is approximately 1-2% of the chemical costs, versus 15-20% of the chemical costs for liquids – saving you $$. (Approximately 15-20% of your chemical budget is used to ship mostly water when using liquids).
  • In addition to the substantially higher costs of transportation of liquids, there is also a “hidden cost” for using drums. One study put a time, then a dollar value to this hidden cost, and calculated an additional cost of over $140 for each drum.
  • In some cases, cost avoidance can be a major area of savings. Because solids are reconstituted on site, the strength of the solution is substantially below the threshold value where eyewash and showers are required. One university saved over $500,000 by not having to make these installations.
  • Using EnduroSolv® products can help you save Energy Dollar$. Scale and deposit control is critical with today’s high cost of energy. Two examples are below:

Boiler Example

A 200 horsepower boiler, operating at 100 psig, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, and burning natural gas costing $7.00/1,000 cu. ft. will have a fuel budget of $581,774 for annual operation. An “eggshell” (generally defined as 1/32) deposit, will cost an additional $23,271-$69,813 depending on the content of the deposit. If you are experiencing deposits, you need to talk to an EnduroSolv® dealer today.

Chiller Example

A 500-Ton chiller, operating 12 hours per day, 240 days per year, with an electric cost of $0.08/kilowatt hour will have an energy budget of $86,400 per year. 1/64″ of deposit will cost and additional $12,960 – $21,600 per year in wasted energy. Microbio films can easily double the cost of these figures. (In addition, we have not included the cost of demand charges, which are real, but can vary greatly by customer. To fully quantify the wasted energy dollars, your actual costs need to be included in the calculations).

  • Using EnduroSolv® products can help you minimize corrosion and extend equipment life, saving you operational and capital dollar$. Reducing “General Etch” corrosion from a generally considered excellent rate of 5 mpy (mills per year; 1 mill per year = 1/1000″), to less than 2.5 mpy will double the life of your equipment. In addition to saving capital dollars, the metal that corrodes will become part of the deposit, and operational costs will reflect the higher costs shown in the examples above.
  • EnduroSolv® products can help you save water, sewer, and chemical dollar$ by reusing the water, its maximum number of times. One study concluded that increasing the number of times water can be reused in a cooling tower from 4 to 6 cycles, would have the effect of reducing water make-up demand by over 408,000,000 gallons annually in just the Commercial and Institutional markets. Most EnduroSolv® cooling water scale inhibitors are capable of meeting the needs for these savings. A certified EnduroSolv® dealer can help you quantify the savings potential at your facility.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

EnduroSolv® can help you Reduce the Carbon Footprint of your Facility

  • Liquids, in addition to being bulky, are very heavy and consume a great deal of energy to transport.
  • Most liquid products require a pH adjustment to remain in solution. These adjustments generally are made by adding caustic to the mixture. Caustic (NaOH) is a hazardous, corrosive chemical. In cooling tower applications alone, within the Commercial and Institutional marketplace, over 38,000,000 pounds of caustic is added to liquids to accomplish this. EnduroSolv® products do not require the addition of caustic, and shipment of this hazardous chemical is eliminated.

The effect of this elimination would be the equivalent carbon footprint of removing 52,000 automobiles each year from our roadways.

  • A 55 Gallon drum, weighing 500 pounds, will consume 2.5 more gallons of diesel fuel per typical shipment than a 50 pound carton of EnduroSolv® having the same amount of active ingredients.
  • Liquids require multiple shipments from cradle to grave. The raw materials must be transported in to the manufacturing facility. Once blending has been completed, the products must be packaged and delivered to the customer. Once the customer has consumed the product, and triple rinsed the drum, it must be stored and eventually transported again to either the manufacturer or drum recycler. While EnduroSolv® can’t eliminate all of these steps, we use a blend of liquid and solid raw materials, ship dry products weighing 40-50 pounds (compared to the 500 pounds they replace in a liquid drum), and are consumed 100% on premise with the container being a plastic jar that is recyclable.
  • In addition to a significant reduction in Carbon Footprint for each case of EnduroSolv® product shipped, there is a significant economic consideration to these freight costs. Typically, due to the weight of the liquids shipped, and the bulk size, freight costs can be 15%-20% of the total costs you are paying for chemicals. With EnduroSolv® products, you only pay shipment of the active ingredients – typically 1-2% of the product costs. Why pay for water being transported?