Water-Miscible Press Wash for Printers ||


C.L.E.A.N. ND-300 was formulated to be a low cost press wash product for use in sheetfed and web cleaning applications. It is a high quality but economical solvent blend, made specifically for environmentally motivated users with an optimum cleaning performance at the lowest cost allowing you to participate in an award winning environmental program reducing 1,305 tons of VOCs per year in Canada.

Need and Usage

For the printer not willing to sacrifice cleaning power, ND-300 offers the printer excellent cleaning performance at the most economical price. ND-300 is water-miscible to provide the best overall cleaning performance of all press contaminants. It is compatible with press elastomers and equipment.


Blankets: Apply ND-300 to cloth, wipe blanket until ink is removed. ND-300 can be mixed with up to 50% water. Wipe clean with dry or water-dampened cloth.

Rollers: Apply ND-300 as is or mixed with water directly to rollers, engage wash-up blade, repeat with small applications until ink is removed.


  • Award winning environmental product associated with a program reducing 1,305 tons of VOCs annually in Canada. All of the waste material from this product is recycled, and reused.
  • When you purchase this product you automatically participate in the reduction of the VOCs as well as a reduction of your waste costs.
  • C.L.E.A.N. approved providers will reduce the transportation and disposal costs of your hazardous waste streams generated from this product.
  • Economical with excellent cleaning performance.
  • Non-damaging to blankets and rollers.
  • Water-miscible.
  • Mild pleasant odor.