Hydro-Excavation & Locating Services

Hydro-Excavation guarantees precision digging.

When you need to locate and expose a hidden utility use hydro-excavation and location services. By controlling the flow of air and water a careful and accurate dig can be achieved. Hydro excavating near buried utilities is a non-destructive method of digging.

Hydro-Excavation and Location Services can be used to expose utilities by daylighting or potholing a gas main to find its exact position. Other common uses are slot trenching, debris removal and piling hole excavation. The excavation is very accurate. For site locations in a congested traffic area or tightly confined spaces, hydro-excavation equipment can be located away from the actual excavation site.

The process works in the same way as soil erosion, with the added benefit of soil removal taking place at the same time. Hydro-excavation is controllable and efficient, helping to control the cost by reducing the time spent on opening up the ground. Another benefit is excavation sites with less backfill and a smaller labour force. Removing only the soil or material required means a quicker restoration. We can produce a lower environmental impact than using standard digging methods. Hot water can be used in some areas to cut through the frozen ground. This means that excavation can take place in any weather condition. Hydrovacs can penetrate all soil types, including clay.

hydro-excavation exposes underground utilityHydro excavation is relied on as the safest and most efficient method of exposing underground utilities. Hidden underground utilities can be opened up safely. You can operate safely around fibre optic cables, telephone lines, water mains and other utility lines. This removes the risks involved in the traditional manual and backhoe excavation methods. We are eliminating and reducing the risk of damaging buried utilities. Using hydro excavation to expose utilities, which is called potholing or daylighting, leaves the surrounding material undisturbed. In addition, using hot water to thaw the ground eliminates the need to burn coal coal or wood.

The C.L.E.A.N. Alliance has many other Vacuum Services to assist you with soil removal, debris clean up and Site Maintenance.