Lamp Recycling

The word is out to generators of lamp waste that many of the local landfills are turning away their loads of spent lamps. Many municipalities have begun to enforce the ban on this mercury containing material. Many more are sure to follow with the increasing awareness of mercury in the environment.

Our process ensures that none of the lamp, particularly the mercury, ends up in a landfill. At the end of the year you receive a Certificate of Recycling showing how much glass was recycled, mercury recovered, etc.

How it works

C.L.E.A.N. along with its authorized service providers specialize in treating all mercury containing lamp waste in a safe, economical and environmentally friendly process… C.L.E.A.N.’s service provider has three Certificates of Approval from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to transport and process lamp waste.

Materials Processed:

  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Mercury vapour
  • Metal halide
  • High pressure sodium
  • High intensity discharge
  • Compacy fluorescent and more


Each lamp is separated into its individual elements (glass, aluminum, phosphor powder, mercury) and recycled.
Over 98% of each lamp is recycled and diverted from landfill. An ongoing lamp recycling program will be designed to suite your facility’s needs. We also specialize in lamp waste removal for large relamping projects.