Oil Filter Recycling

C.L.E.A.N. and its alliance partners provide one of the the most environmentally friendly oil filter recycling programs available to generators. We offer the most complete used filter program in the industry because our authorized facilities control the waste from initial pick-up through the recycling process right on premise; recycling the residue oil and scrap metal.

The C.L.E.A.N. Care used oil filter recycling program represents an environmentally responsible practice that demonstrates a proactive approach to diverting toxins such as cadmium, arsenic and lead from landfills. It also eliminates any potential liability of oil contamination being introduced into soil and ground water sources; providing the customer with an ease of mind and allowing them to focus on their day to day activities.

Environmentally, recycling oil filters is more beneficial than recycling of other more popular materials. Oil filters contain three recyclable constituents; oil, paper and steel. Of these, oil is the most desireable for recycling since it is both a resource and an environmental hazard. Paper from oil-filter elements contains a lot of oil and is therefore also desireable for processing. Steel has moderate value and upon recycling, is a renewable resource.

The process of recycling oil-filters usually involves the following steps:

  • Collection and transport of filters in drums, totes, bins and other various containment units, to our processing facility
  • Primary draining and collection of free-running oil
  • Shredding of filter casings to liberate paper
  • Separating metal from paper
  • Extracting of oil from paper
  • Collecting and marketing waste oil > Refinery
  • Collecting and marketing paper > High BTU fuel
  • Collecting and marketing steel > Foundry

Used oil filters that are not recycled have the potential to:

  • Be improperly discarded into landfills, taking up valuable space.
  • Go into landfills where the used filters residual oil finds its way into ground water and drinking water supplies.

Estimates suggest that many used oil filters are still being improperly disposed of each year. The CLEAN Care Used Oil Filter Recycling Program can prevent the potential hazards.