Lab Chemical Packing and Disposal

Labs are filled with dozens, sometimes hundreds, of potentially hazardous items that can not be simply thrown away. Laboratory and reactive chemicals and other waste products that are produced and retained by R&D facilities, educational institutions, manufacturing companies, government agencies, hospitals and medical facilities can pose a hazard if not thoroughly examined, segregated, safely cataloged, removed and transported in a safe and legal manner to an accredited licensed facility.

C.L.E.A.N.’s CleanCare chemical lab packing and small quantity chemical management services provide proper waste identification/profiling, segregation, handling, labeling/packaging, transportation and disposal of laboratory chemicals. Segregating and disposing of your obsolete chemicals and waste products in a lab pack following all TDG and Environment Canada rules and regulations is important for safe transportation, regulatory compliance, and will protect your company from costly and dangerous waste handling mistakes. We will also prepare and provide you with all required documentation including inventory container content lists and records, manifests/labels, Land Disposal Restriction (LDR) forms, shipping papers and certifications of disposal or recycling. C.L.E.A.N. also specializes in lab relocations, closures and cleanouts and will respond to your environmental concerns with an efficient and professional approach.

C.L.E.A.N. will conduct a precise audit of your laboratory facilities and remove all of the necessary hazardous materials for safe disposal. Our highly trained and fully certified chemical technicians have the knowledge and experience to provide a solution to your complex lab packing needs in a safe and cost effective manner. Our technical personnel include chemists, chemical engineers, environmental scientists and technicians who perform routine and highly specialized services throughout Canada.

C.L.E.A.N. can manage virtually any chemical found in a laboratory environment including:
  • Radioactive, mixed and universal wastes
  • Toxic, flammable, oxidizer, organic peroxide, and corrosive materials
  • Pyrophoric, gases, aerosol, unknown, reactive, explosive, and shock sensitive materials
  • Biological
  • Compressed gas and cylinders
  • Ethers, THF, dioxane, and sodium azide
Our lab pack services include:
  • Emergency Response
  • On-Site Material Inventory
  • Sampling, Identification, and Classification
  • Segregation and Compatibility Packaging
  • Reactive Chemical Handling and Stabilization
  • Technical and Professional Document Preparation
  • Disposal/Recycling Approval Submittals
  • Transportation and Disposal/Recycling to Appropriate Facilities
  • Chemical and Laboratory Transfers
C.L.EA.N. handles lab-packing projects from start to finish:
  • Trained with years of experience field chemists take a complete inventory of the materials to be disposed of.
  • Chemically compatible materials are collected, identified and packaged together.
  • Chemicals are profiled, labeled and manifested.
  • All materials are transported in UN Certified approved containers.
  • Flammable solvents that meet certain criteria will be consolidated in a de-packing booth on-site.
  • Upon final destination, the chemicals are handled using the latest and best-demonstrated available technology.
Some of these methods include:
  • Fuel Blending
  • Recycling/Reclamation
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Neutralization
  • Incineration
  • Landfill